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Update on Sulfora® and COVID-19

Posted by Sulfora Team on
Update on Sulfora® and COVID-19

This is an announcement on Sulfora® and where we currently stand regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.


Part 1: An update on Sulfora® and COVID-19
Part 2: Sulforaphane & boosting immune system response
Part 3: Special Sulfora® Family discount and rewards

1. An update on Sulfora® and COVID-19

At this point, it's business as usual for us. However, our team is monitoring the situation very carefully.

We are following the strictest hygiene and disinfection practices and taking extra care when processing your orders (for which we are so thankful).

We are a small team based in the quiet suburb of Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast and our supply chain is tight-knit. We have significantly limited our exposure with the broader community, and there are no confirmed cases amongst us.

We take the health and wellbeing of the entire Sulfora® family, which includes customers, suppliers, staff members and their families, very seriously. We are doing everything possible to help you access high-quality sulforaphane while minimising the risk of exposure to COVID-19 as much as physically possible.

If you're interested, we've added some information below regarding sulforaphane and boosting immune system response. 

Sulfora powder in glass of orange juice

2. Sulforaphane and boosting immune system response

Sulforaphane carries a range of incredible health benefits for our bodies. However, one of these benefits stands out the most right now: Boosting immune system response.

According to Dr. Rhonda Patrick (PhD)**, sulforaphane is currently the most potent, naturally-occurring activator of the Nrf2 pathway. 

The Nrf2 pathway regulates over 200 different genes, including those which reduce oxidation and inflammation and inactivate toxic compounds. 

Furthermore, a study published in 2016 showed that sulforaphane possessed antiviral activity against Influenza Type-A (H1N1). You can read the full study here.

Broccoli sprouts are the most abundant source of sulforaphane amongst the cruciferous group, containing up to 100x more sulforaphane than mature broccoli.

Sulfora® contains 100% whole broccoli sprout powder optimised for high sulforaphane (SFN) yielding. Thanks to the innovative growth & production process, Sulfora® is one of the richest and most convenient sources of sulforaphane currently available:

Natural Sachets: 40mg SFN per serve 

Passione Pine: 20mg SFN per serve

Despite the efforts of incredible minds around the world, there is no confirmed cure for COVID-19, yet. The best we can do right now is follow steps to help reduce exposure and spread, and give our bodies the best fighting chance.

Man holding glass of Sulfora next to Sulfora canister

3. Sulfora® discount & rewards

We would give Sulfora® away for free during this situation if we could, but we are a tiny, family-owned start-up with staff to support and expenses to cover. On top of this, our high sulforaphane-yielding broccoli sprout powder is incredibly tricky and expensive to produce.

With that said, we are offering 15% off all Sulfora® Début & 30 packs. Simply use the code below at checkout: 


On top of this discount, you can now 
earn store credit for referring friends and family. Both you and the person/s you refer will earn $10AUD when they purchase any Sulfora® Début or 30 pack*. To start referring and earning, simply click the button below and select "Earn Points:"


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To minimise any delays in receiving your Sulfora® order, we will cover the cost of Express Postage in Australia on all orders over $50AUD until May 31st 2020^. Yes, that means free express post, anywhere in Australia.

If you have any questions or concerns, or if there is anything we can help you with, please feel free to reach out. 

Thank you for your incredible support, and we wish you all the very best in this difficult time. 


The Sulfora™ team. 

*Credit will be earned for the first order made by new customers.
**Dr. Rhonda Patrick's views regarding sulforaphane are unsolicited and not an endorsement for Sulfora®
^Subject to change at Sulfora's discretion

Sulfora® is not a drug, but natural whole broccoli sprout powder. So far, no statements have been published relating to the avoidance of cruciferous vegetables (eg. broccoli sprouts which produce sulforaphane) if suffering from COVID-19. We recommend that anyone with COVID-19 or other illnesses consult their medical practitioner before any supplements or medications, including Sulfora®.