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Original Sulfora® Shaker Bottle

Original Sulfora® Shaker Bottle

$7.95 AUD

A simple yet stylish shaker bottle to use for your Sulfora® powder, protein shakes and more.

Powerful Benefits

From general wellbeing to helping with a range of health issues, research has shown sulforaphane to be incredibly beneficial for the body. Some of these potential benefits include:

• Support healthy immune, cardiovascular, cognitive and liver functions
• Manage/reduce chronic inflammation
• Slow ageing + promote healthy skin
• Protect against air pollution + excrete carcinogens
• Encourage detoxification
• Boost energy (ATP) production

How To Use Sulfora®

Simply add 1 sachet to a liquid of your choice: water, juice, smoothie or protein shake.

For Sulfora® Natural (unflavoured) we recommend a flavoured drink as the powder is, well, very natural-tasting. Some simple team favourites include orange or apple juice.

For Sulfora® flavoured-editions we recommend mixing with 250ml of water, juice, smoothie or protein shake.


Lightweight & Portable

No strange contraptions, heavy glass bottles or large containers. Just simple sachets you can mix anywhere - at home, work or while travelling.

Our Promise

Our mission is to make nature's gift of Sulforaphane as easily accessible as possible. If for any reason you feel that this product was not satisfactory, simply send us an email to for a stress-free refund. 

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