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Unlock the extraordinary effects of sulforaphane with the Original Sulfora™ broccoli sprout powder sachet.


From reducing inflammation to helping prevent certain cancers. Sulforaphane's almost-countless abilities have been showcased by studies from across the globe.


Sulfora™ Broccoli Sprout Powder Sachets are currently one of the richest + most convenient sources of sulforaphane available anywhere in the world.

Easy to Consume

Simply add 1 sachet to a liquid of your choice: water, juice, smoothie or protein shake.

Lightweight & Portable

No containers or plastic bottles. Just simple sachets you can take anywhere.

Sustainable Packaging

Each sachet of Sulfora™ Broccoli Sprout Powder is 100% home-compostable.

In the spotlight

Dr. Rhonda Patrick, PhD on Sulforaphane's power

Watch renowned biochemist and natural health expert Dr Rhonda Patrick speak to
Joe Rogan about the extraordinary physical and mental health benefits of Sulforaphane.

The Brief

Sulforaphane is a natural compound found in cruciferous vegetables such as cabbage, cauliflower, kale and especially in broccoli sprouts. It is produced when the myrosinase enzyme and glucoraphanin are mixed together upon damage to the plant.

The Benefits

Among the long list of powerful benefits, studies have shown sulforaphane to help with the following.

• Preventing certain cancers
• Reducing general & autoimmune inflammation
• Slowing ageing + promoting healthy skin
• Boosting cognitive function
• Protecting against air pollution & cigarette smoke
• Supporting healthy liver function
• Reducing symptoms of autism
• Encouraging detoxification
• Combatting depression and anxiety
• Alleviating bladder dysfunction
• Improving arthritis symptoms

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