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Frequently Asked Questions

Yield means to produce or provide (a natural, agricultural, or industrial product).

Every batch a Sulfora® broccoli sprout powder is tested for its sulforaphane yielding.

Sulfora® flavoured editions yield the equivalent of approximately 3 cups of raw broccoli sprouts.

Sulfora® Natural edition yields the equivalent of approximately 6 cups of raw broccoli sprouts.

The bioavailability of a product can vary from person to person, so it is not something for which we can quote an exact percentage. However, broccoli sprouts have been found to exhibit an absolute bioavailability of around 80% and as Sulfora® is produced from 100% whole broccoli sprouts, we expect our product to behave in a manner that is equivalent to the published data.

In short, we haven't needed to!

Sulforaphane is a naturally occurring compound which has been heavily studied, independently. We make use of these readily-available studies to identify sulforaphane's key benefits to promote.

We have a page dedicated to studies, trials and papers published on sulforaphane. Click here to check it out:

Sulfora® broccoli sprouts are hydro-organically grown and produced by an expert team in the United States, and Sulfora® broccoli sprout powder is packaged in Australia.

 You sure can! AfterPay is available on all Sulfora® products. Simply select "AfterPay" when checking out.

Sulfora® contains 100% whole (not extracted) broccoli sprout powder optimised by an expert team for a high sulforaphane yielding.

For reference, just one Sulfora® Natural sachet (2g) yields as much sulforaphane as approximately 6 full cups of raw broccoli sprouts.

Thanks to the innovative growth & production process, Sulfora® is one of the richest and most convenient sources of sulforaphane currently available.

It's true that, compared to regular broccoli sprouts found in your local grocery store, Sulfora® is fairly expensive. However, there is good reason for this.

Sulfora® broccoli sprouts are hydro-organically grown by an expert team with years of experience in selective breeding in order to optimise for the highest possible sulforaphane yieldings. 

For reference, just one Sulfora® Natural sachet (2g) yields as much sulforaphane as approximately 6 full cups of raw broccoli sprouts.

Before discovering Sulfora®, some of our customers had attempted to grow their own sulforaphane-optimised broccoli sprouts to obtain their daily dose. However, they found the process incredibly tedious and time-consuming, and required a lot of space in their kitchens.

All things considered, we are still in our early days as a company. As the Sulfora® community grows, our production costs decrease, allowing us to then reduce the retail price you pay.

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Yes! Sulfora® sachets are certified 100% home-compostable.

Sulfora® is best taken daily. Rather than paying full price and having to manually top up your supply every 30 days, you can subscribe and have a 30 Day supply sent automatically to your door every month with 25% off every order. 

You'll also receive a free shaker with your first order and, if you're in Australia, you'll have the option to purchase our iconic storage canister for half price!

No obligation or lock-in contracts. You can change Sulfora® editions or cancel all together at anytime.

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Some of our customers begin to experience the effects of sulforaphane in as little as a week.

For others, it takes a few months.

Some of our customers don't experience any major effects in the short-medium term at all, but sulforaphane's preventative powers nonetheless continue to work behind-the-scenes - supporting their bodies + minds as they age (and gain wisdom, of course...)


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